Cat #1284

Micah GIFTED a cat to the FIFA team. He wanted three big butt cats in cut-off shorts in front of Walmart, dancing to the Mr. Ghetto song. Wally wally wally world!

  • Caity


    • Steve


  • Ninton

    Cats need tails how do we know they’re cats without the tails??? I paid good money for this

  • Dont buy!

    I want some clarification please. This site claims the pictures are 9.95 yet there was no mention of shipping. While shipping fees are expected, it was not expected that you would fold this picture twice and put your stupid stamp right on the front and center. If someone was to pay 20 dollars for a few minutes of your time, don’t you think they should receive the picture without 2 giant creases and a lame blue stamp on it? Thanks in advance for your sure to be lame answer.

    • Steve

      Shipping is free. You were only charged $9.95 for your cat drawing. The auto-generated email may have said $20 – that’s a mistake. I can assure you that you were only charged $9.95.

      I’m sorry that you are not happy with your custom cat drawing! I find that the creases disappear if placed in a tasteful frame.

      • Dood010011

        We would much prefer Cats tails like most, but are satisfied with the drawing. If you are aware of an error with your auto-generated email then i would make it a point to fix that if i were you as it leaves the customer confused. As for the creases, they are not easily removed in a frame. If the Cats had tails this picture may be frame worthy. As it stands it will not be framed. Do you have no comment for your blue stamp on the picture? Wouldn’t you think it takes away from the idea of framing it? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a framed picture with a stamp with a web address on it.

        • Steve

          I’m sorry that you had a less-than-awesome experience purchasing a stick figure cat!

          The error in the email was fixed as soon as I caught it.

          I find the blue stamp to be fairly inconspicuous. It helps alleviate the strain of repeatedly telling friends and co-workers where you got your super-awesome stick figure cat drawing.

          Again, I regret that you’re feeling anything but sheer bliss and rock-and-roll after receiving your cat. Please email me ( and I’ll send you a special promo-code for a free cat drawing.

          • Dood010011

            Thanks Steve! I will be in touch. Everyone please buy cat pictures!

  • Jon

    I am not happy with this either, he didn’t draw what I asked for.