Cat #1446

Dave wanted a robot dino-cat destroying a mouse city, complete with tiny mouse buildings and cars!

  • RudyGumpMacKenzie

    So saw you on Shark Tank… Love your stuff… Me… oh my name is Gump,  Rudy Gump and I may not be a smart kitty..but I know what cat’s like…and I would love to star in your next picture!….meow  >^..^<

    • Steve

      Alright, Rudy Gump! Whoopy!

  • Jenna Rose Huffman

    i saw you on shark tank

    • Steve

      Thanks, Jenna!

  • Madelyn

    Hi Steve,   Excellent pitch on Shark.  Anything on Dentistry????

  • Alexis

    Just saw you on Shark Tank!  Congratulations on the deal with Mark!  You mentiond getting into greeting cards, what about mugs and T-shirts?

  • Dettag2

    I’m sooooo jealous that you thought of this first!!! Congratulations!

  • Chinese Guy

    This is why the people of the united states caused the credit crisis, stupid people spending money on stupid things.

  • Meatman

    If a fart app can make a ton of money I am sure this is a billion dollar idea. Nice dance by the way.

  • Georgia Parnell

    Loved you on Shark Tank! Congratulations and best of luck!

  • Chris

    Saw you on Shark Tank, I think you got a great idea here. I wanted to do this sorta thing for a while, never thought it would actually work, but here you are with a deal with Mark Cuban. But I’m just a teenager and you got to the idea first, so props to you :) Anyways I was bored and drew this

    • Steve

      Great drawing, Chris! I added it to my gallery!