Cat #1447

Svengoolie wanted a happy-go-lucky cat, skipping all the way to Lake Stupid!

  • Renee

    Just saw Steve on Shark Tank.  Great performance.  

    • Steve

      Thanks, Renee!

  • Thepieman484

    This is funny I saw theis on shark tank

    • Steve


  • Donna

    Saw you on Shark Tank…happy to find you… cool stuff…telling everyone.  

    • Steve

      Thanks so much!!

    • Abushafadan

      totally agree! I’ll advertise also! :)

  • catlover101

    i love the dance on shark tank!!!

    • Steve

      I appreciate that!!

    • Abushafadan

      it was great wasn’t it!  :)

      • SharkWeek

        brillient Marketing and business man….Would have loved to invest in you…not your buiness but you

  • Dros

    This is too funny! Great job on shark tank

    • Steve


  • Loiruca

    Love your dance at shark tank with Mark!!!! Best of luck to you! Cats are AWESOME!!!!!

    • Steve

      I appreciate that! Thanks for commenting.

  • bnice

    put your name and  address so us cat people can contact you on your comments…. and look up the word “coward”

  • Claudia

    I want to draw a cat with YOU Steve.  Love this, saw it on Shark Tank. 

    • Steve

      Thanks, Claudia!

  • Josh

    I want to buy a cat from you.

    • Steve

      How convenient, I would like to draw one for you!

  • Davidaharden

    Steve: awesome job on Sharktank! You rock! Looking 4ward to getting my cat drawing!

    • Steve

      And I look forward to drawing it for you!

  • Jenna Rose Huffman

    i saw you on shark tank !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve

      Thanks for watching!!

  • byehitoday

    this looks so funny!!!

  • Jillianfaust

    Shared you on Facebook! Can’t stop singing your jingle! Congrats hope all goes well. Can’t wait to buy one!

    • sharkweek


  • VG

    Awesome drawings! We saw you on Shark Tank, glad you got the money! This is what America is all about… if you have a dream, you can achieve it! You are an inspiration to others! Wishing you continued success!

  • Elliotmstewart

    Who will eventually get the Mark Cuban cat drawing … (sure to be a collectible!)

    • Steve

      That’s anybody’s guess.

  • Eric

    Big winner on Shark Tank. Simple and brilliant, a little odd. Wonder what the art community thinks. You should draw a cat and put it on a T-shirt.

    • Steve

      I should!

  • Laurengadson

    Just watched you on shark tank. I am a die hard Miami Heat fan, so how much money will it take to have Cuban draw me a Miami Heat cat holding up championship trophy???? I am serious.. I want this cat!!!

  • so beast

    dude ur so solid this is hilarious and to the dude down below ur just sour u didn’t com up with this first

    • Steve

      Thank you!

  • yololli

    HAHA!!  You know what I love about this Steve….it’s SO DAMN SIMPLE!!!  And you my friend with your passion and creativity have turned this into $$$$$$$$.  Way to go bro! 

    • Steve

      Thanks so much!

  • Mindofakid

    Great job on your buissness with shark Tank!!!

    • Steve


  • Noel Arretche

    I’ve never seen the most stupidest pictures and dance everyone else in the world is better mostly me my friend and my brother

  • SuperMommy13

    A day after you were on Shark Tank and my daughter and I are still singing your jingle.  You are cooler than Elmo and Dora combined!! Congrats…

    • Steve

      Sorry to get it stuck in your head… I hear once you buy one, the song disappears! :)

  • Colejack

    Can I request a picture of me and my wife as cats having sex? I want to know before I spend the money and it ends up not being drawn.

    • Steve

      You request any cat you like, and I’ll do my best to draw it for you!

  • Peggy

    I’ve always hated cats until last night. Your performance on Shark Tank has made me see them in a new light. You were terrific!!!!! I want you to draw a cat for me………….

    • Steve

      And I want to draw one for you, Peggy!

  • huskies13

    this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen, nobody should ever pay for this

    • Steve

      I’m sorry you feel that way. Can you link us to some of your projects so we can check those out?

      • Rudy Arnauts


  • Mike D

    I can’t get that damn song out of my head, I keep seeing your face getting less and less cheery singing “I want to draw a cat for you”.  So good job on that…  

  • Michael

    I saw you on Shark Tank I am glad you where able to strike a deal.  Good Luck!!!  

  • Blogwithdad

    I saw you on shark tanks and love you dance moves.  Good Luck, I hope you get to go to a couple of Maverick games.

  • Lori D.S.

    I do the “I want to draw a Cat for you” dance daily. I LOVE it! I’m deciding on my cat right now. :D

  • Loribelle14

    You don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”….most fags do.

  • Loribelle14

    I do the “I want to draw a Cat for you” dance daily. I LOVE it! I’m deciding on my cat right now. :D

  • catssuck

    i wanna draw a wang on steve’s face

  • Btputz95

    Nice dance on shark tank Steve
    Glad you got a sponsor for your company