Cat #12502

Coupon Christine wanted a cat in a grocery store saving all SORTS of mad cash with her coupons! Whoopy! Learn more about her at!

  • raquel

    this is so cute!!! Love your idea Steve!

  • Isabelle Goyer

    This is funny!! I love it! :D

  • Shannon Davison

    Just love Coupon Christine’s Cat ;)

  • Brianna

    This is great! Suits Ciupon Christine to a t!

  • Coupon Christine

    This looks identical to me … (if I was a cat that is)

    Thanks Steve – sending my friends your way once the contest is live!

  • Amanda

    Love it :) CC rocks.

  • Sarah T Oelke-Thomson

    A cat for coup!! Love it!!! Really cool idea Steve.