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Cat #20445

Angelique gifted a cat to Chris! She wanted a cat drinking beer and celebrating his birthday. Whoopy!  

Cat #20444

Laurie wanted a skiing cat in a Middlebury College sweater and a denim skirt (and super cool leggings!). The class of 2021.5 loves her! Whoopy!

Cat #20443

Austin and Kenny wanted the South Park guys drawn as cats, along with Little Man! Whoopy!

Cat #20442

Ms. Guillen wanted a short cat reading Harry Potter and drinking coffee in a comfy chair by the fireplace. Whoopy!

Cat #20441

Mrs. Feheley’s 4th hour Economics class wanted a class learning all about cat drawing by watching Shark Tank!

Cat #20439

Emil wanted a cat having lots of fun on the tennis court! Whoopy!

Cat #20438

Jonah wanted a guy and girl cat hanging out in front of the Disney castle! Whoopy!  

Cat #20437

Devin wanted a cat with a tie and glasses holding a cob of corn and saying, “So corny!” Whoopy!  

Cat #20436

Tyler wanted a red headed cat celebrating her birthday with her pet gray cat! Whoopy!