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Cat #20708

Devan gifted a cat to Nina! He wanted Devan and Nina cats partying with ghosts at the Stanley Hotel for their second anniversary! Whoopy!

Cat #20707

Jeanne wanted a cat standing by a lighthouse in Kinsale, Ireland! Whoopy!

Cat #20706

Brendan wanted a cat getting frustrated with airport security! Whoopy!

Cat #20705

Janice and Mike wanted a happy goth couple listening to The Cure! Whoopy!  

Cat #20704

Paige gifted a cat to Brody! She wanted a mom cat and a baby cat hanging out at watching an Eagles game! Whoopy!

Cat #20703

Madison wanted two cats crossing the finish line of a half marathon! Whoopy!

Cat #20702

Mike gifted a cat to Leah! He wanted two cats celebrating their 1-year wedding anniversary! Whoopy!

Cat #20701

Jordan wanted a guy cat in a Scottish kilt riding a horse and wishing him a happy birthday! Whoopy!

Cat #20700

Mary wanted a cat whose happy place is Data & Society! Whoopy!

Cat #20699

Ellie wanted a cat smoking pot on the beach. I threw in a bonus pig! Whoopy!