Terms and Conditions

Here are a few things to know before you place your order:

Due to increased demand due to my Groupon and Shark Tank appearance, the current wait time for a cat drawing is 4 weeks! I know that’s a broad range – I ask that you please be patient with me while I do my best to meet incredible demand. I’m doing my best to draw every single drawing myself. If you need your drawing rushed for a birthday or special occasion, just shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

You get what you get, and you don’t get upset! You are purchasing an artist’s (me) interpretation of the cat you describe in your order.I always try my best to draw the cat of your dreams. If it’s not, please accept my humble apologies. There are no re-dos, no returns, and there are no refunds.

Cats o’ plenty! Yes, you can order a drawing with several cats in it, and no, you don’t have to pay per cat. Keep in mind, though, that I will spend as much time on a 10-cat drawing as I will on a 1-cat drawing. So if your request has multiple cats in it, they will likely be hastily scribbled cats. If you want your money’s worth, I recommend keeping the cat count at 1 or 2.

Bicycles, dogs, and guitars! Here is a fair warning – I stink at drawing bicycles. Asking me for a cat riding a bike pretty much guarantees I’m going to botch up your drawing. I also stink at drawing cats that are holding guitars, or other instruments. And if you ask for a dog in your drawing, he’ll look the same as every other dog I draw… which is not very dog-like. If you’re fine with that, then so am I! If you’re looking for a masterpiece, you’d probably be on another site, anyway, right?

Tails. Sometimes I remember them, most times I forget them.

Mark Cuban. Yes! Part-owner Mark Cuban WILL be drawing some of these cats – but they will be distributed randomly, not by request. Unless you want to offer us $1,000 – then sure, Mark can draw your cat.

Email. If you buy a cat, you’ll be added to my email fun club. If you don’t want email from me, just click unsubscribe on that first one, and you’ll never hear from me again! I use MailChimp to help keep the world spam free!

Hey, thanks for reading. And thanks for buying a cat drawing from me! Whoopy!