My Shark Tank Update!

A few minutes ago I accidentally discovered that today, 5/11/12, is the 2-year anniversary of the launch of this project. So it's absurdly fitting that tonight my business update airs in a new episode of Shark Tank. Also - how great that I randomly chose today to launch the next phase of this site, the monthly Cat Drawing Club. I guess cool things happen on May 11th. Somebody write that down. I'm not sure how my update will be edited. We shot a day's worth of footage, and I'm sure most of it ended up on the cutting room floor. So I wanted to talk about some of the cool things that are happening with the business in case they just use the footage that makes me look like a nutcase (and boy, there's a lot of it). This morning, at about 2:30am, I launched a brand new site design. I've broken things down into galleries that you can submit to, and hopefully everything is a little easier to find. There are now thousands of cat drawings on this site, and I encourage you to play around with that search box to see what you can find. I've now drawn cats on virtually every fathomable topic, and there are some real gems buried in that pile! With the new design, I launched The Cat Drawing Club! Please do check out the commercial. Hopefully the song is just as infectious as the original! The Cat Drawing Club is a monthly club - every month, you get a cat drawing, and some other crazy fun stuff. You also get a membership card, and a $5 coupon for a custom drawing just for signing up! Opening your mailbox just isn't fun anymore. Hopefully the Cat Drawing Club will give you one cool piece of mail to look forward to every single month. And at $3/month, it's just about worth the paper it's printed on. I'm also very excited to announce a relationship with Castlespring Enterprises, a toy manufacturer in China! This partnership was born out of Shark Tank connections, and I couldn't be more excited about it. We're developing a product line that we hope will be in stores and on shelves by the end of 2012. I had been sick for about a week before taping my update, and I can't wait to see if I was able to mask that... I'm pretty sure I was hopped up on NyQuil for most of the shoot. Hopefully that generates some lovely TV moments. I'll be watching tonight, and I hope you will be, too! Happy Free Cat Friday, y'all!

  • Jess Drenth

    Hi Steve, I saw your original pitch on Shark Tank, and now the update that aired tonight, congrats!! Love, love, love it! Can’t get your theme song out of my head…. :)

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  • Javier

    Just saw the update. Best of luck!

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    • ss2wee4

      fuuuuk you

  • Laurenbosch9

    i watched shark tank 5-11-12 and i saw the “I Want To Draw A Cat For You” update :)

  • Steve

    Thanks, all!

  • Theia

    Duuuuuude…who really needs a friggin’ cat drawing?!?!  LAME!

  • Jake ace

    Wow.  I would love to have u draw  a cat for me.  Do u think u really could?  Cats are amazing.  Please do me the honor friend.

  • Jamessw2001

    Oh my lord. I don’t even know what the hell to say about this. Mark invested in a semi special guy who thinks he draws cats. They are just a circle with triangles. If this was your dream, then i say good sir, lay off the meth. A third grade art class has more artistic talent in their pre pubesant minds that you. You are ripping people off, charging 10 bucks for something it takes a normal person 1 minute. And they don’t even look like cats. I wouldn’t give you half a penny for that crap, I wouldn’t even give you my own sh#t for this….HOWEVER….you found a way to make money doing what you love and what other people love, so congrats, you are what we call a natural “hustler”. KEEP MAKIN THAT PAPER PIMP

  • Bob Moore

    In your Update, you mentiones that you are also doing Theme Songs now. 
    Great move.  Great Business.

  • Jonathan Porter

    My response to people.  I am sure it was not Steve’s dream to draw cats.  It was probably Steve’s dream to entertain people and make them laugh.  That is what this is all about.  We live in a world where everything is so damn serious and stressful.  I look at my (framed) cat drawing every day and it puts a smile on my face to know I am part of something fun.  I have my cat drawing, the mood pins, and I just enrolled in the Cat Drawing Club.  It is no different than the silly ringtones on our cell phones that we use to express ourselves or the countless stickers, buttons, and shirts people buy online except for the fact that this is personalized for you.  Sure, nobody NEEDS a cat drawing, but it sure is fun to take a break from everything in life and enjoy something fun.  To you haters:  I think you need a cat drawing more than you will admit!!!

  • Rosegirl77

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it.  I saw the original Shark Tank, and the update last nite, and I still don’t get it.   I can’t believe a shark would invest in this.  What’s the point?  So, you basically draw like a 4 yr old and people pay you for it?  Wow, I think I’ll start “I want to draw a dog for you”.  I can draw much better, so maybe I’ll charge $15.

    • Rafael O Guerrero

      Sounds like all bark and no bite to me Rosegirl.
      Yeah you should try to draw something and
      watch you not even do half good as him because
      as you say ” I don’t get it”! Fact of the matter
      is that you probably won’t ever understand! Look
      up the term “Entrepreneur” and then analyze the
      nonsense you wrote pressimistically.

    • Cynthia Quintero

      Good luck, its all about enthusiasm, drive and the ability to deliver and the only thing you can deliver is hostility, anger, sarcasm, and hate. So maybe you can draw “I want to draw a black cloud for you” that mite work out better for you. Good luck im sure it would be profitable being that this world is filled with cynical, sarcastic haters.

    • Bets

      I have the odd feeling you’re jealous and didn’t think of this first. Oh well…sorry about your luck.

  • Robthecarpetguy

    Congrats on your shark tank experience! I just thought I would come take a look at your site after seeing you for the second time tonight on shark tank. You are definitly one the most memorable and its glad to see that things are going well for you and I definitly will be ordering from you soon. I just started off on my own doing carpet cleaning and disaster restoration so I know the amount of work it takes to run your own business. You are lucky enough to get a deal with my favorite shark mark. Good luck!

  • Tena Boyd Lara

    Steve, I just want to say thank you! Sometimes we need to simplify our lives and this is one way I can. For three dollars a month I could buy one coffee, almost a gallon of gas, one and a half loaves of bread, or maybe even a generic bottle of Nyquil. OR, I could get a piece of snail mail that puts a smile on my face that I am more then happy to open and share with my friends, family, and clients.  Fortunately, I was raised around humor and not only appreciate it but keep it as a foundation for my life. I think Mark investing in you shows he is not only a smart guy but a fun guy.  To all your haters that “wasted” their time to search for your website and leave a rude comment, SMILE it makes your ears feel good! Oh, and just try to get that jingle out of your heads.  hahahaha!!

  • Katryn

    Stop hating, people! His cat drawings are good, so get over the fact that he wants to draw a cat for you!
           People always look at me funny when i start singing the song and doing the dance… Keep drawing, Steve! One day I’ll come up with an idea good enough for you to draw.

  • Andrew Tos

    I don’t get the complaining about how “simple” the drawings are. Yes they are simple but the fact that you get them personally drawn for you by a decent man and personally sent to you, it should make one feel a bit special. The cats are pretty much silly art, and I find it extremely adorable. As much as I love serious media, you need silliness in your life, too! Godspeed, Steve!

  • Ryan

    At first I asked myself why anyone woukd waste their time and money on a cat drawing because it’s so simple. After watching the show and checking out some of the drawings, it made sense. These drawings are great to give as gifts to friends and family without spending a ton of money. They look cute as decorations around the house and most importantly, they make people laugh! Great work Steve, you should feel blessed to be fortunate enough to make a living doing something you love!

  • Vicowan

    I saw the original Shark Tank, and found it highly entertaining.  I was sure I would never, never, ever (did I say never?)  order a cat drawing, but was highly entertained and even visited the website immediately after the show.  I knew  my 18 year old daughter would find the episode amusing and recently showed the episode to her.  She laughed and laughed.  She loved it so much, she recorded it on her cell phone.  WELL, the punchline is–I just ordered a cat for her as part of her high school graduation present.  No, it is not her whole present, but it is part of it.  I ordered it, because I know she will love it and laugh about, and show it to all of her friends.  So, never say never.  And you silly haters, stop your hating.  Remember, no matter how stupid you thought the idea was, you visited this website, and even took time and energy to post on it.  And, you just never know when you might find yourself in need of an original “I Want to Draw a Cat for You” cat drawing.  Thanks Steve and Mark!

  • Kdgtchr

    I just received my cat drawing and I love it.  Steve is a genius and so is Cuban for investing in this.  Good luck in your venture Steve and I wish you nothing but success.  Thanks again for the gardening cat.  My friend is retiring after 31 years of teaching and is going to love this gift.  Woo Hoo for Steve and Mark. 

  • chrislie

    Hi, Steve,  your blog really touches me, have been reading it for awhile…  Just wanted you to know about a website i started…  It’s a place for Bible study guides..  I also put a forum in that can be viewed from a mobile device..   I couldn’t find where to contact you privately so I’m commenting,  hope that is okay.  :)  God Bless!   

  • Jfrench0002

    I just received mine in the mail today! The first time I saw it on shark tank, I had to have one! So my boyfriend surprised me and had one drawn of a Zelda scenario! I was speechless! The best gift ever! #5267

  • Travispeters26

    My response: Is the idea stupid? To me,  Would I pay ANY $ for these?  However,  this guy has taken something sooo simple (in an economy where some MBA grads can’t even get a job) and made a crap load of money off of it.  And honestly, to the right person, this is kind of cool.  So for a lllll of you haters down below..I ask you this:
    What do you do between 9 and 5? Im Suuuurreeee you don’t draw cats for 100k plus a year.  Keep up your odd yet successful efforts Steve!

  • Travispeters26

    Oh, and for the people that say they “don’t get it”, This guy has sold this service to over FIVE THOUSAND people in the short time he has been up, WHILE successfully launching other weird projects…So YOU don’t have to get it, Steves pockets get it for you :)

  • Steve

    I love reading all of these comments… even the mean ones! Thanks, everyone, for sharing all of your thoughts. I’m still having a lot of fun doing this. Whoopy!

  • Junkmail

    Anyone ever hear of the pet rock?

  • Rosegirl77

    @ Rafael O Guerrero:    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment,  even though you’re basically calling me stupid.  First of all, I wasn’t being pessimistic, I was being facetious.  I’m very optimistic that Steve will make a fortune from this.  Also, I do know the meaning of the word “entrepreneur”.  I’m not questioning his ability as a businessman.  I’m questioning the judgment of people who are buying (literally) into this.  As I stated, my friend’s 4 year old can draw just as well.  Perhaps she could also be an entrepreneur.   She also fingerpaints.  Hey, a subsidiary!  These drawings probably take about a minute and a half.  At $10 a pop, he could retire in about a month.  Smart guy.  As for the people buying these drawings, I’d like to know how many are doing it just so they can say “this is from that guy who was on Shark Tank”.   Why else would they spend their hard-earned money for something the kid next door could do?  Although some people are easily amused.  But you’re right, I probably couldn’t make any money off of my (better) drawings because I don’t have the audacity to pass them off as art and rip people off.                                  

  • Lo-Rain

    OK, I just saw the rerun on Shark Tank tonight … so. where’s the cat’s drawn by Mark?

  • itzy

    What the world needs now ITS MORE CREATIVE PEOPLE like you!!! Congratulations….I love cats, have 4 of them.

  • Patsy

    Congrats Steve!!   I can’t get this song out of my Head.  OMG!!!!!!!  IWant to Draw a Cat for You.  I Want to Draw a Cat for You.

  • Cincyspa

    I saw the show tonight, and that brought he here’ I think I will buy a cat drawing. Or two!

  • Rosegirl77

    After watching the repeat episode of Shark Tank on which you appeared, I now understand why Mark Cuban said he “gets it” and agreed to go into business with you.  He “gets it” that you’re smart.  He “gets it” that you’re shrewd.  He “gets it” that some people will buy anything they see on TV and that there’s a sucker born every minute.  He “gets it” that while you spend 2 minutes on a drawing making an almost 100% profit, he can just sit back and rake in the bucks.  My hat’s off to you, Steve.  You’ve come up with the perfect get rich quick scheme and people are too stupid to realize that they’re paying $9.95 for something that’s worth the cost of the postage it takes to mail it.  You seem like a really nice guy, but this just leaves me shaking my head in disbelief.

  • Kathyg10969

    Saw Steve’s rerun on Shark Tank — loved it!!!!!  We need a “little bit of crazy”
    these days.  Keep up the good work!

  • Lions20r

    I had already opened the bottle of pills on which I had planned on overdosing… life was bad, things were looking grim… Shark Tank played in the background. Steve…your theme song gave me a reason to live… as I danced your signature move deep into the night, I thought… everything’s going to be okay. Afterall…how could they not? Thak you for the gift of life Steve…the gift of life… I will soon be ordering my suicidal cat dancing that move into the night

  • Mike O

    You should show the Mark Cuban cats!  He made a deal – hold his feet to the fire!  That was brilliant, by the way!

  • Adam

    Congratulations to you, Steve. I’m sure there is nothing more rewarding than being in the business of smiles and laughs. Elegant. Sophisticated. Rambunctious.

    Again, congrats!

  • anonymous

    Hi Steve! I saw your episode on Shark Tank and I admire your creative ideas, clever sense of humor and your business skills. I know I don’t have to the courage to pull something off like that, taking a rather  ‘silly’ idea and bringing it to life.  I was wondering if you are going to expand this project, maybe go into comics, something like Mutts. I like to read comics in the newspaper to see people’s perspectives or just sometimes to release stress.  Plus your drawings are cute! Just an idea though :)

  • Tjb9107

    So, doing the math it looks like you’ve made a little less than 60K, how’s Cuban with that?  Do you get to talk business with him often? 

  • Vicowan

    Rosegirl, for someone who hates this whole thing and thinks people are stupid for spending a whopping $9.95 for a whole lot of fun, you sure do post a lot of long posts here!  You probably could have whipped off 5-6 cat drawings in the time you spent complaining.  $9.95 is a deal for fun and laughs and smile from someone you care about.   Who cares why they buy, as long as it is fun and the pictures are bringing giggles and smiles.  I don’t get why haters spend so much time and energy hating and visiting the websites they protest are a waste of time.  By the way, Steve has made a deal with a company that is going to bring him a lot more money in manufacturing products.  Read his blogs.  Go Steve!!!!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I agree with those that say you have no artistic talent whatsoever AND those who say you are a special talent making the world more fun -one drawing at a time.

    Cuban is such a tool, living proof that money cant buy cool.

  • jerbear

    I just realized how we can troll this guy. Just request him to draw the cat smoking and having sex since he posts up every pic on his site Lol.

  • Bets

    I ordered a drawing for a friend of mine who just retired.  She loved it.  She is a retired art teacher and found the drawing to be very whisical and fun.  Thanks Steve……it will hang in her kitchen. 

  • Danny

    my buisness class just evaluated your company…faboulus …You are a genius sir!!!

  • Ev daddy

    Mark’s 33% returns $2700/mo which is just under 11%… EVERY MONTH. Disregard dollar amount, where else can you find an 11% monthly return so quickly? Great investment!

  • Justin

    Ok, I honestly don’t get it. He’s making money off drawing cats. Cool idea. But it’s one of those idea where you’re like WTF!? WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS SHIT!!? D:

  • Nate

    Image is busted

  • @SamInJax

    I love Steve! I want to draw a cat for you! Haters gonna Hte Steve, but your AWESOME. WHOOPY!!! @SamInJax

  • Sandra

    Steve :
    I saw you on Shark Tank. Loved you. I also saw the update. I am so happy for you. Congrats.

  • Jessica


  • rk

    Steve YOU are a bright light in a very dark world. Please continue to bless folks with your talents. I wont be buying a cat. But I like your spirit.

  • Bets

    Some of you people should be ashamed of your comments. I purchased a cat for a friend who was retiring. It was a huge hit with her. She has it hanging in her family room. Come on people. Many of you need to grow up or possibly it’s just jealousy on your part. Either way grow up!!!!!
    The guy is a genius in my opinion….not only that but he has a personal relationship with THE Mark Cuban.