The 2023 IWTDACFY Creativity Grant!

10 years ago I went on Shark Tank and pitched my stick figure cat drawing company to a panel of made-for-TV millionaires and billionaires. Since then, I’ve drawn over 20,000 stick figure cats for customers all around the world. While I’ve dipped in and out of retirement, I’ve been fortunate that cat drawings continue to sell.

I’ve been able to fund a whole bunch o’ my own creative projects with the money I’ve made from drawing stick figure cats. How lucky, eh? Now I’d like to pay it forward. I committed to drawing one cat per day in 2022, and using the proceeds to fund one of YOUR creative projects. Those 365 scheduled drawings are now all sold out – so the task becomes finding the right project to fund for 2023.

Are you an artist? A goofball? A creative person? A boring person with a dream? Would $3,000 help you kickstart your own creative endeavor?

Fill out the questionnaire below. Or share it with the weirdos in your universe. Applications will be accepted through October 31st. The $3,000 grant will be awarded in December, 2022. There’s no special criteria to speak of – this money will be used to fund a project that puts something new and wonderful into the universe. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Click here to apply for the 2023 IWTDACFY Creative Grant!