The 2022 Cat Project!

I’m trying something new for the new year. In 2022, I’ll be drawing ONE cat per day. At the end of the year, I’ll be donating all proceeds from those drawings to another artist, to help support their creative projects in 2023. If you’re interested in supporting this project, you’ll note that all purchase buttons will take you to a calendar, so you can reserve a drawing on an available date.

I’ve always felt very lucky that there’s an audience for my unique style of cat doodles, and this is a way for me to pay it forward to other hard working artists, to give them a little freedom to approach their own artistic project without compromise. As the end of the year draws nearer, I’ll reach out my Twitter and Instagram communities to solicit recommendations for artists to support.

For now, this gives you a very predictable way of getting your cat drawing on the exact date you need it (if it’s available)! And it helps me by limiting my output to one cat drawing per day, which feels very manageable. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!

I’m drawing cats on CAMEO now!

Howdy, all. While I’m no longer drawing/posting cats on my website,, I AM creating custom videos and cat drawings for you, your friends, and family over on Cameo. So if you’re still up for a custom drawing, head on over to CAMEO and place an order. You’ll get a video AND a drawing for one nifty price. Whoopy!

Maybe if I draw enough of these, they’ll think about changing their name to CA-MEOW.

Get it? CA-MEOW? Because of cats?

I’ve traded my Sharpies for an Apple Pencil!

Howdy, friends. About a year ago I sadly shut down my cat drawing business. It was a bummer. But balancing cat drawing with parenting and my day job made it difficult for me to do any of those things very well.

In the past few months I’ve been experimenting drawing cats on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil – and after trying several apps and several techniques, I’m finally very happy with the results. As digital cat drawings require far less scanning, folding, and shipping, I’m happily able to fit this lovely project back into my day. And you’ll be able to get your cat drawing much quicker than before, in a way that lets you share it all over social media.


So hey, I’m drawing cats again. If you need a stick figure cat drawing, I hope I’m your guy.

Introducing Princess Etch A Sketch!

I’m crazy proud to be partnering with one of the coolest artists I know to offer up a brand new product on my site. Princess Etch A Sketch, Jane Labowitch, is an award winning Etch A Sketch artist who will now be offering up custom pet portraits exclusively through my site!

Jane’s custom sketches will arrive in a beautiful gift-worthy package. Your custom Etch A Sketch art will arrive on a 3.75″ x 4.25″ Mini Etch A Sketch. A special process will be applied to your art to make it permanent. It will survive shipping, and can even be shaken without affecting the image!

Jane Labowitch, AKA Princess Etch A Sketch, is an Etch A Sketch artist currently residing in Chicago. Jane started playing with an Etch A Sketch when she was 4. She played with the toy so much in her childhood that she got used to the mechanics, and it got to the point to where she didn’t have to think about which way the knobs made the stylus on the screen move. From that point her etching skills grew with her drawing skills. After graduating from high school, Jane moved from Michigan to Chicago to go to the American Academy of Art and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. During her college years she became well-versed in traditional and digital media alike, while further honing her Etch A Sketch abilities outside of the classroom. In January 2014, Jane went to Paris where she was invited to show her Etch A Sketch work at the fashion show Who’s Next. She is the recipient of the championship trophy for winning the first Sketch Madness competition sponsored by the Ohio Art company.

Her Etch A Sketch work has been featured on Reddit, CNN, MSN, Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, the Chicago Blackhawks blog, the Disney Parks blog, WGN morning news, Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers and more.