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Cat #22015

Jane GIFTED a cat to Chrissy! She wanted a tipsy cat on her 21st birthday!

Cat #22014

Derick GIFTED a cat to Emmaline! He wanted a guy cat giving flowers to a girl cat for Valentine’s Day! Whoopy!

Cat #22013

Jack wanted an old orange cat named Marmalade! Whoopy!

Cat #22012

Ana wanted an artist cat whose art is marvelous and important!

Cat #22011

Champions Ranch wanted a cat with goggles riding a horse! Whoopy!

Cat #22010

Sam GIFTED a cat to Abby! He wanted a neonatology doctor who is obsesses with her pudgy orange cat Felix! Whoopy!

Cat #22009

Krystal GIFTED a cat to Will! She wanted a guy cat playing the electric guitar while a girl cat recorded it with a camcorder! Whoopy!

Cat #22008

Nicholas GIFTED a cat to Elyse! He wanted a black cat named Dippy riding a skateboard! Whoopy!

Cat #22007

Coral GIFTED a cat to Julio! She wanted a cat cosplaying as Bakugo Katasuki from My Hero Academia! Whoopy!

Cat #22006

Mina GIFTED a cat to Dr. Cody Perry! She wanted a cat performing bone surgery. Whoopy!